Emily Bourgeois

Emily Bourgeois

Bourgeoisie, Inc.

I opened Bourgeoisie, Inc. in part to better understand my insatiable desire for beauty. This passion is more universal than I could possibly have realized. It brings wonderful clients year after year. While each expresses it differently, there is a common thread. We all find absolute joy in honest materials used in an unpretentious way. Tethered to the ancient tool of pleasing mathematics, our goal is to design spaces that in subtle ways allow the grace of beautiful materials, shapes and shadows to inspire our clients’ everyday lives. For me, Circa’s Catbird Collection is the pinnacle of delight on this journey. It provides a creative forum for designers to be inspired by peers who see the world in the same sparkling light.

I am excited to be part of Cindy Smith’s clear vision and by her unfaltering ability to bring like people together to build beautiful things. Emily Bourgeois has long been one of the Queen City’s leading designers. Since opening her firm’s doors in 2002, Bourgeoisie, Inc.’s kitchens and interiors have developed a fervent following throughout the Southeast.

She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.